Am I a Candidate for Gum Grafting?

I Think My Gums Are Receding Columbus, OH

Looking for more information on gum grafting? The minimally invasive surgical procedure is commonly performed on dental patients who have been diagnosed with receding gums. Living with gum recession means that your teeth are not only going to be more sensitive, but you also have a higher chance of being diagnosed with tooth decay.

Gum recession often creates little pockets near the gum line where bacteria can live. This makes it necessary to remove these pockets as soon as possible.

Gum grafting procedures

Learning more about gum grafting procedures will help you know exactly what to expect. A gum graft requires a dental professional to take gum tissue from another part of the mouth and place it in areas that are experiencing gum recession. It is a minimally invasive dental procedure as very small incisions are made to perform the surgery. The entire procedure takes about an hour or so to complete, a small amount of time to improve your gum health. A second dental appointment is necessary to ensure that all is healing exactly as it should.

What makes a good candidate for gum grafting?

The following is a list of qualities that makes a good gum grafting candidate.

Someone who is in good overall health

Because gum grafting is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, it is important for someone who is in need of a gum graft to be in good overall health. For patients who are living with certain disorders or diseases, like compromised immune systems or diabetes, they need to let their dental professional know. They are at an increased risk for experiencing problems during or after the procedure.

Someone whose gums are free of gum disease

If a dental patient has been diagnosed with gum disease, then they must have their gum disease treated before they can be considered a candidate. If a gum graft is performed on unhealthy gums, then it is likely that the procedure will fail. Good gum health is essential to a successful gum grafting.

Someone whose teeth are healthy

There is no reason to perform a gum graft for a tooth that is very loose or severely damaged. Instead, any tooth problems must be treated before undergoing the gum grafting procedure.

Someone who is not taking certain medications

There are certain medications that can get in the way of one’s ability to heal, which may exclude them from being a candidate. It is important for dental patients who are taking blood thinning medications, nutritional supplements, anti-seizure medications, calcium channel blockers and/or immuno-suppressants to let their dental professional know so a final decision can be made on whether or not they are indeed a candidate.

Are you ready to undergo the gum grafting process?

The sooner you make an appointment for gum grafting surgery the sooner your gums and teeth can be healthy once again. If you do not address your gum recession quickly, then it will only continue to worsen. You will need to have additional oral problems fixed, adding more time to your overall treatment plan.

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