Cosmetic Dentistry for a Gummy Smile

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A gummy smile can cause some people to not feel as confident while smiling and laughing, so for those whose self-esteem is affected negatively due to excess gum showing while smiling, cosmetic dentistry treatment offers a way to improve their appearance and help patients gain more confidence. 

How cosmetic dentistry can fix a gummy smile

Cosmetic dentistry fixes minor imperfections in a patient’s smile, such as showing more gums than desired while smiling. The following is a review of what a gummy smile is and what treatment options are available to treat the concern long term. 

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is a cosmetic dental concern in which too much gum tissue shows while smiling. It often makes teeth appear too short, or it could be the result of teeth that are shorter than average. A gummy smile is often defined as showing 4mm or more of the gum tissue while smiling. Not all instances require treatment, although patients who feel more insecure due to their gummy smile may choose to address the issue through cosmetic dentistry treatment. 

Cosmetic dentistry treatment options

There are several ways to fix a gummy smile. The recommended form of treatment depends on the severity of the concern and the cause. In some instances, the gums are too long, resulting in teeth appearing too short even though they are the appropriate length. In this case, gum contouring or crown lengthening can remove excess tissue and bone to establish the right size of teeth and fix a gummy smile. Lip lowering may also be an option in certain situations.

When to consider treatment for a gummy smile

Not everyone who has a gummy smile needs treatment. Many are happy with their gummy smile, and the issue does not cause an oral health concern. In this case, the dentist may not recommend treatment. However, patients who are not confident in their smile due to too much of their gums showing or if the gummy smile causes an oral health concern, then the dentist may recommend crown lengthening or another type of cosmetic dentistry treatment. 

How to care for teeth after treatment

Fixing a gummy smile reveals more of the natural tooth. This most often improves the appearance of the patient’s smile, but it does leave more of the tooth vulnerable to decay, damage and other concerns. To protect the teeth and gums following treatment, patients should follow the cosmetic dentist’s instructions closely, which likely includes brushing several times a day, flossing, using mouthwash and consuming a diet that does not contribute to poor oral health. 

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