Gum Lift Surgery: Reshaping a Receding Gumline

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Gum lift surgery is one of the latest surgical procedures used to treat and repair receding gums. Gum recession not only ages a person’s smile but can also cause sensitivity due to exposed roots. The exposed roots could lead to wear that would ultimately damage the tooth — perhaps even to the point where it would be lost. Treating gum recession effectively and promptly is important to preserve healthy teeth.

Gum lift surgery technique provides several benefits over traditional surgery

Gum lift surgery technique (PST) is a relatively recent development in the care and treatment of receding gum lines. Traditional surgical treatments were more invasive and took longer to perform. With the gum lift surgery technique procedure, receding gums can be repaired without a significant incision, unlike traditional surgical techniques, and will require only minimal recovery time. It is a safe and effective procedure and is the fastest treatment for gum recession currently available.

What can a patient expect from the gum lift surgery technique?

The new gum lift surgery technique differs from traditional gum recession treatment surgery because the entire procedure is carried out through a small entry point. Traditional receding gum surgical treatments rely on much larger incisions and require more extensive healing and recovery times.

PST is typically carried out with only the need for local anesthetic. The procedure takes from one to two hours and is much more efficient than traditional surgical techniques. Using this new, less invasive technique, qualified dental healthcare professionals can treat the receding gumline of every affected tooth in one session, with no need to draw treatment out over four or more sessions.

Patients with known sensitivity issues can still optionally pursue treatment in a greater number of sessions, but this generally is not found to be necessary. Recovery from PST treatment can be quick, with patients typically experiencing minimal swelling and needing only over-the-counter NSAIDs and analgesics to manage discomfort, which is usually quite minor.

How gum lift surgery treatment is carried out

In teeth that have experienced adjacent gum recession, the tooth is first cleaned and prepared. Then, the gum tissue to be treated is numbed by the use of a local anesthetic. An incision less than one-tenth of an inch in length is made in the gum tissue to be repositioned. The attending healthcare professional then gently frees the gum tissue and shifts it to cover more of the tooth in a natural, non-receded position. 

If gum grafts are necessary, they are passed through the keyhole entry point and positioned into their proper place under the gum tissue. Small strips of collagen or other grafting material are passed through and placed one at a time through the use of specially angled instruments designed to accommodate the keyhole incision. Once the affected gums have been treated, small sutures can sometimes be necessary to stabilize the position of the restored gumline.

Gum lift surgery is a fast, effective treatment option for receding gums

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