How a Dental Implant Can Restore Chewing Function

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There are no other dental prosthetics that restore chewing function in the same way an implant does. The popularity of these restorations continues to increase thanks to the benefits that come with replacing teeth with them.

Implants replace the root and crown of a missing tooth, and this brings benefits like:

  • The patient's jawbone tissue is preserved since the implant serves as an artificial root. It keeps the person's jaw properly stimulated which in turn keeps the tissues there healthy. Since bridges and dentures do not replace the lost roots, patients who opt for these are still susceptible to the bone tissue loss that occurs when a tooth goes missing
  • The implant helps to keep the remaining teeth aligned. When a missing tooth is left unaddressed, it is normal for the remaining ones to move toward the gap as they try to close it up
  • The patient gets a natural-looking replacement for their lost tooth
  • An implant functions just like a real tooth so the patient's ability to chew is restored

The importance of chewing

Teeth play two important roles — helping with speech and the breaking down of food. When a person loses one of their teeth, their ability to bite into foods or grind them down with their molars might be limited.

Not being able to properly break down food with one's teeth can lead to a variety of problems.

1. It is harder to get all the nutrients you need

Most people instinctively learn to avoid certain things when they are missing a tooth. This can limit their ability to properly nourish themselves, especially if they have a hard time chewing solid foods. This can have a negative impact on their health if they fail to replace their missing tooth in a timely manner.

2. More digestive issues

The first stage of digestion starts in the mouth where teeth and saliva break down foods into smaller bits that can be easily broken down by the acids in the stomach. When a person loses their chewing function, they are more likely to swallow bigger chunks of food than they should. This can lead to indigestion and other issues as their stomach struggles to handle the extra workload put on it.

3. Increased risk of choking

Having to swallow bigger bits of food also increases a person's risks of choking on their food. It is one of the reasons dentists recommend getting missing teeth replaced as soon as you can since choking on food is life-threatening. No one should be taking such risks simply because they are reluctant to replace a missing tooth.

Interested in dental implants?

Implants can give you a permanent solution that allows you to get on with how life was before you lost your tooth. You will not have to deal with annoying cleaning routines or your artificial tooth feeling strange in your mouth. With an implant, you get an artificial tooth that is just like the one you lost. Contact our office today to set up a consultation and find out whether an implant is a right choice for you.

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