How General Dentistry Can Improve Your Oral Health

General Dentistry Columbus, OH

General dentistry can help enhance your oral health. Many people have difficulty maintaining dental oral health by themselves. This is where a general dentist comes in. You can elevate your oral health with the help of your general dentist. If you want to find out how general dentistry improves oral health, here are the details.

Dental restorations

General dentistry can provide dental restorations. These restorations can bring back the structure and function of teeth. The dentist resorts to these restorations if the damage is irreversible. Bruxism, tooth decay, and injury are common reasons for getting dental restorations. The dental patient can get dental fillings, crowns, and implants through general dentistry.

Dental restorations can either replace a lost tooth or save the existing tooth. The important thing is to bring back a functional tooth. The general dentist can match the appearance of the dental restorations with that of the neighboring natural teeth. Some of these procedures take a dental appointment or two. Others may take weeks or months.

Dental checks

General dentistry can also provide regular dental checkups. These are opportunities for the dentist to see how the mouth’s soft tissues are. The general dentist can even provide the patient with some useful tips to improve oral care habits at home. Routine dental checkups also catch dental problems in advance. This prompts early treatments to correct the problem.

Cosmetic dental procedures

A patient can lose a stunning smile because of injury, staining, or decay. The general dentist can bring back this smile through cosmetic procedures. Teeth whitening removes superficial. Porcelain veneers can hide the deep staining and other imperfections of the tooth. Cosmetic bonding is good for cracks and chips. Orthodontic treatments can realign the teeth.

These cosmetic procedures aim to return the healthy appearance of the affected tooth. But these also improve the function and integrity of the tooth. As a result, the patient’s oral health improves. The patient has to avoid foods and activities capable of ruining the dental restorations. Smoking and eating hard foods are a couple of such activities.

Dental damage prevention

Prevention is always better than seeking out and going through a cure. This applies to general dentistry. This branch of dentistry can detect oral cancer and infections. Routine dental exams help spot the brewing dental problem. Dental digital X-rays and dental cleanings can help the dentist prevent the onset of dental damage due to decay.

General dentistry can also improve a patient’s oral health by giving the patient dental appliances. The general dentist may provide custom mouthguards and dental sealants. Mouthguards shield the patient’s teeth from cracking, fracturing, and loosening. Dental sealants are often for children. Yet, adult patients can also receive dental sealant coatings on the back teeth. These sealants shield the teeth from plaque and food particles, making brushing easier.

Procedures and treatments in general dentistry can enhance your oral health

You only have one set of adult teeth. Taking care of your permanent teeth involves daily oral care and routine checks from your general dentist. Damage prevention is the primary goal of general dentistry. Next would be saving teeth or providing strong dental replacements. Ultimately, general dentistry aims to enhance your oral health.

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