How Implant Supported Dentures Can Improve Your Smile

Implant Supported Dentures Columbus, OH

Implant-supported dentures are one of the most highly recommended ways to replace a section or entire row of missing teeth. They offer unique benefits that alternative teeth replacement solutions do not provide, including providing the patient with the most natural-like smile possible. 

The cosmetic benefits of implant-supported dentures

Notable cosmetic advantages of implant-supported dentures include the ability to replace missing teeth and provide a complete smile, match the ideal shade of natural teeth and increase the confidence level of the patient. The following is a more detailed look at the cosmetic reasons for considering implant-supported dentures for teeth replacement.  

They provide the patient with a complete smile

Of course, the ultimate goal of implant-supported dentures treatment is to replace multiple missing teeth long-term. This is done for functional and oral health reasons, but it also provides the patient with a complete smile of natural-looking replacement teeth that they can be proud to show off daily. 

They offer the ideal shade of natural teeth

Implant-supported dentures are essentially indistinguishable from natural teeth. The material used to make the dentures, which is acrylic resin, is the ideal shade of natural teeth, and dentists can customize the shade to match other natural teeth as well. This is useful for patients that are only replacing a section of teeth and want all of the teeth to look good together. 

They are personalized and custom-made for every patient

As mentioned, dentists can customize the dentures to allow for the ideal appearance. This also makes the process easier and more convenient for patients as well as they can schedule procedures at a time that works well for them. 

Implant-supported dentures are non-removable

Some patients choose implant-supported dentures over traditional dentures because they are non-removable. One concern among many patients is that traditional dentures may make them feel more insecure as they may fear the dentures falling out. This is not a concern with implant-supported dentures, which are permanently fixed for a strong and secure hold. 

Patients can easily care for implant-supported dentures

Whether you have replacement teeth or natural teeth, the quality of your smile depends on how well you care for your teeth. Implant-supported dentures are easy to care for, which means keeping them looking great all of the time is much easier to do. 

Implant-supported dentures give patients more confidence

No one should have to feel insecure about how they look while smiling, and implant-supported dentures can restore confidence in your smile. The confidence alone is enough to make patients glow a bit more and be more willing to show off their new and beautiful smiles. 

Are you interested in improving your smile with implant-supported dentures?

If you are not entirely happy with the appearance of your smile due to one or more missing teeth, then consult with our dental team today to find out how implant-supported dentures can benefit you. Here at our dental practice, we understand the importance of having confidence in your smile, and we can help you restore your smile to a level you appreciate.

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