How Long Is the Recovery Process from a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full Mouth Reconstruction Columbus, OH

Significant mouth damage will need a full mouth reconstruction. Tremendous impact on the face can crack, chip, fracture, or knock out a tooth or several teeth. The dentist can help you get back the function and form of your mouth’s components. One of the main concerns about reconstructing the mouth is the length of recovery. This depends on the patient’s specific situation. If you want to know how long it will take for you to recover from a full mouth reconstruction, here are the details.

Short-term treatments and procedures

A full mouth reconstruction may also involve short-term treatments and procedures. After all, the main goal is to reconstruct the mouth. The transformation is not exclusive to surgery. Scaling, root planing, dental crowns, and teeth whitening are non-invasive treatments. The recovery time for each of these full mouth reconstruction techniques is short. It becomes longer if the patient needs more than one treatment.

A patient may need two to three days to recover from fixed bridges, dental bonding, or dental crown placement. There will be some tenderness in the gum tissue. Being gentle with the treated teeth is important to keep the restorations in place. Recovery from root planing and scaling could take about two days. Healing times are quicker for short-term procedures. Gargling warm salt water and taking pain relievers can manage the pain after these procedures.

Comprehensive mouth reconstruction

A person with deteriorated or damaged gums and teeth will need a full mouth reconstruction. There may be complete tooth loss and infected gums. Cases like these will need a longer recovery time. The comprehensive full mouth reconstruction will need several treatments over days, weeks, or months.

The patient may need tooth extraction before getting dentures. Healing may take about two months. After this, the dentist will start the process of denture placement. The patient will need some time to adapt to the prosthesis. It may take a few weeks or so for the gums and jawbone to acclimate to the dentures. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help relieve pain during the adjustment period.

A patient may need a bone graft procedure. This can improve the bone density of the patient in case there is severe bone deterioration. Some procedures need good jawbone mass for the full mouth reconstruction to work. Bone grafting may take months of recovery, depending on the person’s healing capabilities.

Dental implants need oral surgery. Proper post-surgical care can help the patient recover well. Cold compresses can relieve inflammation. The correct intake of prescription medications can help the patient heal faster. Taking at least a week off work is enough time to recover enough to return to work.

Complete healing from this often takes three to six months. This is enough time for the titanium rods to fuse with the jawbone. Proper healing will ensure the stability of the implants. The dentist will then install the abutments and custom-fit dental crowns.

Recovering from a full mouth reconstruction depends on the procedure you need

It takes time to get back the healthy condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. Damaged teeth may be due to aging, diet, or lifestyle choices. It may even result from an accident. Getting the right treatments can restore your mouth in time. Seeing your dentist can help you recover well from your full mouth reconstruction. Recovery may take days, weeks, or months, depending on your ability to heal and the extent of the damage.

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