Options for Replacing Missing Teeth: Avoid a Possible Dental Emergency

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Columbus, OH

Although losing a permanent tooth can be a troubling experience emergency, there are various options for replacing missing teeth. Determining the right option to restore a smile depends on a patient's unique needs and preferences. Ask your dentist which treatment method is best for you.

Dental implants

Dental implants require placing screws in your jawbone before a crown is placed on top of the screws. They have the same natural look and feel as your natural teeth. This option for replacing missing teeth can improve comfort, self-esteem, and oral health. However, in order to receive dental implants, patients must have healthy gums and sufficient bone to anchor the screw.

Implant-supported bridges

One of the other options for replacing missing teeth include implant-supported bridges, which are a more economical way to replace multiple teeth in a row. They are like regular dental implants, but rather than a screw anchoring each crown, only the two end implants require screws. This makes it slightly less invasive than getting several individual dental implants because not as many screws are needed. One of the pros of implant-supported bridges is that they are a more affordable way to replace multiple missing teeth. Another pro of implant-supported bridges is that they are just as effective as dental implants. A third pro is the natural appearance of the bridges. One con of implant-supported bridges is that they can only be used to replace multiple teeth in a row. Another con is that, unlike dental implants, implant-supported bridges are not a permanent solution. A third con of getting implant-supported bridges is that they take time and multiple visits to be put in place.

Tooth-supported bridges

Tooth-supported bridges can sometimes be another solution for replacing missing teeth due to injury. Rather than relying on screws in your jawbone to hold the bridge in place, tooth-supported bridges involve the filing-down of the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth (these are the teeth that the crowns are placed on). One of the pros of tooth-supported bridges is that they offer the same realistic look and feel as dental implants. Another benefit is that the procedure is less invasive than the process of getting dental implants. Tooth-supported bridges are also often more affordable than dental implants. However, these restorations may require the filing-down of your teeth can put you at risk for infection. Another con is that the adjoining teeth can suffer damage if the bridge does not fit properly. Another disadvantage is that food can get trapped under the bridge and cause infection and bone loss in severe cases.


Depending the dental situation, you may need a temporary option for replacing missing teeth before a dentist can implement a permanent solution. Flippers are a temporary option for replacing missing teeth. Flippers are temporary partial dentures that flip in and out of their intended position. They are rather painless and affordable, but they can be uncomfortable, and their bulkiness makes them more likely to break easily.

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