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Protecting each tooth with a dental sealant can help improve your dental health. Children are the usual patients for this type of treatment. A sealant protects baby teeth and new adult teeth from tooth decay. If you want to know more about a dental sealant’s ability to safeguard your teeth, here are the details.

What a dental sealant is

Back teeth are difficult to reach and clean. The fissures and grooves of these teeth harbor food particles longer. Bacteria thrive there, allowing cavities to form. The dentist will paint a sealant on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. This is a thin coating made of plastic. It acts like a shield capable of blocking food particles and bacteria.

The importance of a dental sealant in children

Preventing decay is the primary goal of giving a sealant to a child’s back tooth. Studies from the Centers for Disease Control show that school-age children without any sealant have more cavities than kids with dental sealants. Parents can save money and time as the child grows up. The child will not need dental crowns and fillings in the future.

How and when dentists apply sealants

Dentists recommend dental sealant treatments to children as soon as the permanent molars erupt. First molars appear at around six years old, and second molars come out at around 12. Children and teens often develop decay in the molars and premolars. Poor oral hygiene is common at these ages. Proper protection of the back teeth will help them keep healthy and prevent early tooth loss.

The dentist will start the treatment by cleaning the tooth. An etching gel will allow the sealant to stick better to the tooth. The gel will stay on the tooth for about three seconds. Rinsing the tooth comes next. Drying it will follow. The dentist will then paint the liquid form of the dental sealant on the tooth.

Every groove and fissure will have a coating of sealant. The dentist will harden the sealant with a curing light. Children will often be scared of breaking the sealant because of eating. The good news is that kids can eat as soon as the dental visit is over.

The difference between a dental sealant and a fluoride treatment

Both of these treatments can protect teeth from tooth decay. A sealant acts as a shield to keep food particles and bacteria from sticking to the tooth. This prevents the formation of plaque and the development of cavities. Fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water will strengthen and protect teeth. But it lacks protection for the back teeth.

The longevity of a dental sealant

Some individuals have sealants until they reach early adulthood. A sealant can last for about 10 years. Dentists must tell the young patients not to bite hard objects to make the sealant last longer. Routine dental checks can also help keep the sealant in good condition. The dentist can repair or reapply the sealant if ever there is any damage.

A dental sealant can maintain or enhance your dental health

Protecting teeth from cavities is always a priority in dentistry. Parents want to keep cavities away to keep their kids healthy and happy. Early dental appointments can help start kids with sealants. Your dentist can even recommend a dental sealant treatment for you and the other adult members of your household.

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