Treatment Options for Gum Recession

Gum Recession Columbus, OH

Gum recession is a type of dental issue that can happen to anyone for several reasons. The problem arises when the gum tissue along the gum line starts receding. This can cause your smile not to appear as healthy as it once was. For some people, this can be an uncomfortable condition and may even have an impact on self-esteem. It's important to get to the bottom of it, and find a solution that restores your smile once and for all. 

There are many reasons that this condition may occur in patients. This could have happened because of advanced periodontal disease. You may have had gingivitis, advanced tooth decay that leads to periodontal disease. This oral health issue could also result from the natural aging process. In some cases, it can even happen because of a lifetime of harsh brushing habits. 

Regardless of the reason for the issue, most patients want to be treated as soon as possible to avoid further receding and tooth loss down the road. You can talk to your dentist, and they will design a treatment plan that works best for your situation. 

How do dentists treat gum recession?

Of course, you are likely curious about what your dentist can do about this problem. The good news is that there is a treatment plan for it. Once your dentist determines that you have an issue and need treatment for this oral problem, they will recommend a receding gum lift. This is a procedure that will restore your gumline to normal coverage. 

This procedure could be seen as either medical or cosmetic depending on other factors. You can always contact your dental coverage provider to determine if the procedure will be covered under your plan. If you need to pay an out-of-pocket expense, your dental office should be able to offer you a suitable payment plan or financing. It's important to have this discussion prior to treatment so that you know what to expect throughout the process. 

What is done during a receding gum lift?

Many people are curious about what to expect during a receding gum lift. This type of dental procedure can be done in the dentist’s office, which proves to be convenient for busy patients. Your dentist will use specifically designed instruments to make a tiny hole with a needle in your gum tissue. Then, they will loosen and guide gum tissue over the receded part of your tooth. 

There is not an incision, so no stitches are required. Many people are happy to hear that it's minimally invasive. Usually, you will only experience minor discomfort such as pain and swelling of the area. Your dentist will offer some guidance about how to deal with any pain or swelling following the procedure. You will see an instant difference in the look of your teeth. Most patients are very happy with the noticeable results. Discuss with your dentist what you can expect as far as recovery time, and anything you should watch out for during that process. 

How to prevent gum recession

In some cases, this oral health issue may be unavoidable. It has been determined that a person could suffer from this ailment because of their genes or even uncontrollable hormonal changes. There are a few factors that you can remove, such as using tobacco use. Tobacco leaves sticky plaque on your teeth that is hard to remove and will cause your gums to recede. You can also ask your dentist about ways to help stop grinding your teeth. This plays a role in leading to this dental problem as well. 

Follow a proper oral hygiene routine

Everyone should establish a healthy oral hygiene routine early on and stick to it. We all want to keep our natural teeth for as long as possible, and this is one of the top ways to achieve that goal. 

Always brush your teeth twice a day and floss between meals. Avoid using hard bristles that could irritate gums. Also, keep your scheduled visits with your dentist, and schedule additional visits as needed. These visits are vital in catching health issues early on and treating them before they become more serious. 

Learn more about gum recession

Do you experience gum recession? If so, your dentist can help answer your questions and provide a treatment plan that works for you. You don't have to live in this uncomfortable condition. Reach out to your dentist to learn more about gum recession and how it impacts your overall oral health. 

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