When Is a Receding Gum Lift Recommended?

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A receding gum lift, or gum contouring, can be the best treatment option for uneven gums. Gums that are too large can cover too much of the tooth and make teeth appear smaller. Gums that are too high can create gum recession and expose the tooth’s root. In either case, a receding gum lift may be the ideal treatment option to prevent tooth damage and enhance the smile. A receding gum lift can improve both the appearance and health of teeth for a more beautiful smile.

What is a gum lift?

A gum lift, or gingivectomy, is a procedure done to reshape the gums. An experienced dentist will cut and reshape the gum line to produce a more pleasing smile. Many qualified dentists and periodontists perform gum reshaping using a local anesthetic. During this periodontal surgery, the excess gum tissue is removed with a scalpel or laser. The procedure is often done with other cosmetic treatments, including veneers and crowns. Always look for an experienced, knowledgeable dentist or periodontist to perform the gum lift.

When to consider a receding gum lift

Gingivitis, or gum disease, may create the need for a receding gum lift. Symptoms of excessive/overgrown gums, bad breath, swollen gums, inflamed or bleeding gums and sensitive teeth could point to gum disease that needs a receding gum lift treatment. A gum lift greatly decreases the chances of bacteria buildup and future gum disease.

During the receding gum lift procedure, the diseased part of the gum is removed and sealed to prevent any further damage from bacteria and plaque buildup. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to gum recession, which exposes the root of the tooth. An exposed root increases tooth pain and sensitivity and can lead to the tooth falling out. It is best to consult with an experienced dentist and periodontist to discuss a receding gum lift.

The gum lift may also be performed for cosmetic reasons. When the gums sink too low, they cover more of your teeth, making them look smaller. The result is a gummy smile with small teeth. Whether as a result of genetics or certain medications, uneven or excessive gums creates a gummy smile. Those who are self-conscious of their gummy smile may seek to change its appearance with a gum lift. The benefits of a cosmetic gum lift include a more uniform gum line and an aesthetically appealing smile.

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A gum lift can reduce the appearance of large gums and reduce the risk of the progression and infection of gum disease. Gum recontouring may be an ideal treatment for those suffering from receding gums or a gummy smile. Consult with an experienced dentist to determine if receding gum lift is the best option for you. Click the link below to set up an appointment. You can also call our office, and while we're on the phone with you, feel free to ask any questions you may have about a receding gum lift or any other dental procedure!

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