Who Is a Candidate for Implant Supported Dentures?

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Implant supported dentures are not new, but you may not be familiar with this treatment. It has similarities to and differences from traditional dentures. Both selections replace missing teeth and can help restore your smile and mouth function. Before you choose to get implants and dentures together, it is helpful to understand which patients typically benefit from this option.

How implant supported dentures work

This treatment incorporates the use of dentures and titanium dental implants. By themselves, both are used by patients who have suffered tooth loss. Traditional dentures fit over the patient’s gums, while the other variety clasps onto the implants. The dentures are an acrylic, gum-colored base with metal artificial teeth, covered in plastic. The implants come in two parts: a screw-like post and a smaller abutment that attaches to the post.

People with strong jawbones

One of the defining differences between traditional dentures and implant supported dentures is that the latter requires the patient to have little or no bone loss in the jaw. The post will go deep into the patient’s jaw. Over the next four to six months, the bone will fuse to the post, which will act as an anchor for the abutment and dentures. Patients who have experienced bone loss or whose jaw is weak should choose traditional dentures instead.

People who are concerned about slippage

While dentures do an effective job of replacing teeth and reviving smiles, they do have some limitations. One of the biggest fears people have about wearing this appliance is that it will fall out while the person is in public. It is true that traditional dentures tend to slip when the wearer is eating or speaking. However, dental implant supported dentures are more firmly secured and are less likely to experience these problems. People who may have had this embarrassing situation occur in the past should think strongly about switching to the other type.

People who want a permanent option

Traditional dentures conform to the shape of the person’s mouth and are removable. While some implant supported dentures are removable, there are also permanent options. The dentist will remove these when necessary for cleaning and maintenance.

People who have had soreness with traditional dentures

Because traditional dentures sit directly on the gums, it is common for them to cause sores in the person’s mouth. Conversely, implant supported dentures should not pose this problem. These dentures will not rub on the gums but sit on the implants instead. Patients who are tired of feeling this irritation in their mouth often switch to implants.

Make the choice that suits you

Not everyone thinks implant supported dentures are the right way to replace teeth. However, if you find yourself in any of these categories, it is time to talk to a cosmetic dentist near you. You can enjoy long-term relief from not having teeth. You can once again show off your smile and eat the foods you have been missing. Call your dentist today so you can make an appointment to start the procedure.

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