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Root canals may have a bad reputation, but advances in dental technology and procedure have made this tooth-saving treatment no more uncomfortable than a traditional filling. Sam Latif, DMD, restores his patients’ teeth with root canal treatments at Ohio Cosmetic Dentists, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio. If you’re experiencing symptoms like a toothache or tooth sensitivity to touch or temperature, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Root Canal

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a dental treatment that removes decay from the interior of a tooth. Dr. Latif then fills and seals the tooth to prevent future decay or damage. These treatments also repair teeth affected by abscesses.

Root canals are often used to save severely damaged or decayed teeth that would otherwise be lost or need extraction.

What are the signs that I need a root canal?

A toothache is the primary indicator that you might need a root canal. In addition to pain, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and touch indicate that tooth decay or damage has reached the inside of your tooth. You may also notice swelling in the surrounding gums or even the lymph nodes under your chin.

What happens during a root canal?

Modern root canal treatment is very similar to the process for a normal surface cavity filling. Before starting the root canal process, Dr. Latif takes dental X-rays so he can see inside your affected tooth and the surrounding bone to confirm his diagnosis and guide the process.

Dr. Latif begins the treatment by applying a local anesthetic to your tooth and the surrounding tissue. He cleans your tooth, applying a latex cover to keep it dry and free from bacteria.

Using special tools, Dr. Latif removes the decay and damaged tissue from the inside of your tooth. He works efficiently but stops periodically to remove debris and check to ensure that all of the decay has been removed. This prevents unnecessary removal of healthy tooth tissue.

After the decayed tissue has been removed, Dr. Latif fills your tooth and seals the opening. This protects your tooth from future decay. If your tooth is weakened, Dr. Latif applies a crown to provide strength and support to the tooth.

How should I take care of my teeth following a root canal?

Following a root canal, you may experience some tenderness, but the pain and sensitivity that you experienced before your treatment should be gone.

Dr. Latif provides specific instructions on caring for your teeth and resolving any post-treatment discomfort. For example, he may suggest applying ice to reduce swelling and special toothpastes and mouthwashes to reduce the risk of infection. He may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection.

If you’re experiencing any tooth pain or sensitivity, call or schedule an appointment online today.