The FAQs of the Gum Lift Procedure

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The gum lift procedure is used to improve the appearance of a gummy smile. It can also be used for other things, such as raising the crown length of a tooth that has to be repaired. If you want to have this procedure done, you should learn everything that you can about it. The following are commonly asked questions concerning the gum lift procedure.

What is the procedure for a gum lift?

The gum lift procedure entails removing extra gum tissue, most commonly the gum edge. A surgical knife or a laser can be used as a cutting tool. To achieve a more lasting effect, some dentists may recommend that bone material be uniformly removed. The dentist will place sutures following the procedure, which must be taken out within a week. Patients who cannot create time to have the sutures removed can ask the dentist to use resorbable sutures instead.

Is gum lift a painful procedure?

Patients will not feel any discomfort because the dentist will use a local anesthetic. The anesthetic drug’s impact should continue for the duration of the operation, which is typically two to three hours. Even though the local anesthetic is sufficient to ensure that the gum lift procedure is pain-free, some dentists may choose to use sedation to make the patient more comfortable. Patients can consult the dentist to see if sedation is appropriate or necessary in their situation.

How many appointments are required for the gum lift procedure?

Although the procedure only requires one visit, a follow-up appointment is necessary to check tissue recovery. The frequency of follow-up visits is determined by different variables, the most significant of which is the patient’s overall health.

What are the risks associated with the gum lift procedure?

Gum lift procedure, like any other invasive operation, is not without risks. However, because it is a minor operation, the risks are not as severe as they would be if it were a major procedure. There will be discomfort after the procedure, but it will be manageable with pain meds. The swelling of the region causes this discomfort, rather than the cut or surgical incision. Instead of pain or discomfort, most patients experience numbness in the operative region. There may also be tooth sensitivity, although this usually disappears within a few days.

To minimize problems, patients should rest adequately and avoid undertaking any intense activities during the day. They also need to use prescription medicines and eat the diet recommended. Physical activities can resume four days after the procedure

Will any dental work follow the gum lift?

Restorations are not required if the gum lift procedure was performed just to treat a gummy grin. However, this can be determined by other factors, like the present state of the teeth and the amount of gum tissue that will need to be removed. Combining gum lift and restorative treatment is typically the best approach to give the patient’s smile a significant improvement.

Final note

The gum lift procedure is a straightforward procedure that can be done as an outpatient procedure. If you have additional questions, book an appointment with the general dentist.

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