Treat Receding Gums With a Receding Gum Lift

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The best treatment for receding gums is a receding gum lift. Receding gums can expose the roots of your teeth, resulting in tooth sensitivity and eventual tooth loss. Identifying and treating receding gums quickly is crucial for reducing discomfort and preventing more severe effects. Receding gum lift is a minimally invasive approach to fixing receding gums and restoring a beautiful smile.

Signs of receding gums

Properly identifying receding gums is the first step to selecting a treatment plan. Pay attention to the warning signs of gum recession, and discuss any concerns with an experienced dentist. Soreness is normally the first sign of recession. However, sensitivity is the main problem for most people.

The cementum is a thin protective layer that covers the roots of teeth. When gums recede, they expose the cementum, which usually cannot handle the things we put in our mouths. Soda, coffee and even toothbrushes easily wear down the cementum, which causes tooth sensitivity. Aesthetics are another way to identify gum recession. It is often visually apparent when the gums wear down and expose more of the tooth. Teeth with gum recession may appear longer, for example.

Causes of recession

There are many different causes for gum recession. Some are preventable, while others are based on uncontrollable factors. Aggressive brushing is one controllable cause of gum recession. Using too much force when brushing wears down the gums and causes them to pull back from the tooth. Previous orthodontic treatment, like braces, may contribute to recession as well.

Any treatment that moves the tooth can cause gum recession. People with teeth positioned toward the face are also more prone to recession. Sometimes, tooth position can be corrected with orthodontic treatment, but other times, a gum lift is required. Another cause of receding gums is periodontal disease, or inflammation/infection of the areas surrounding the teeth.

Gum disease leads to the destruction of the bone that supports the gum, causing the recession. The frenum, or connector between tooth and incisors, can pull on the gums when it is in a lower position. Heredity affects gum recession as well. Some people are simply more prone to gum recession because of genetics.

When to consider a receding gum lift

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for gum recession. Discuss any signs with a professional as soon as possible to find early treatment options and assess any limitations. A gum lift can be performed to reshape gum tissue using a laser or surgical knife. If necessary, a gum lift can separate the gums from the bone, trim the bone, and stitch the gums back. A gum lift is only a viable option for those who have roots in good condition. Extremely severe gum recession may be better treated with a gum graft surgery.

What to expect after a gum lift

Compared to other surgical options, a gum lift is minimally invasive. Although gums may be slightly tender and swollen immediately after surgery, the recovery is quicker and easier than that of a gum graft. Any pain can be managed with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. Choose soft, non-sticky, non-spicy food for the first few days, and implement gentle brushing and flossing while the gums heal. Antibacterial mouthwash is helpful for preventing infection.

Schedule a gum lift consultation

A well-done receding gum lift makes teeth look proportional and symmetrical. For mild gum recession, a gum lift may be the best treatment option. Before scheduling a gum lift, consult with an experienced dentist or periodontist. Discuss how the treatment will impact oral health and what to expect after the operation. Click the link below to schedule an appointment with a knowledgable dentist.

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